Typical Volvo Side Mirror Replacement Costs

Your side mirrors are a very functional part of your Volvo. Without them, you can’t see the blind spots around your vehicle. They also come in useful when you’re driving in reverse (even in a car with a backup camera).

So when one of your side mirrors breaks, you want to replace it as soon as possible. In fact, you may get in trouble with the local law enforcement for having a broken side mirror. In some areas, it can be illegal to drive with a broken side mirror.

With an urgent project like a side mirror replacement, you may be asking how much it will cost.

The answer? It depends on a couple of factors.

What Goes Into The Cost Of Replacing A Volvo Side Mirror?

Mirror replacement

A side mirror replacement can cost anywhere between $100 and $600. The exact cost depends on:

  • The cost of the replacement part
  • The cost of labor

How Much Does An OEM Replacement Side Mirror Cost?

If you want your replacement side mirror to last, buy an OEM unit. Aftermarket side mirrors come with issues, namely:

  • Quality issues
  • Fitment issues

OEM Volvo side mirrors come in many different variations. There’s a variation for each Volvo model. Next, there are sub-variations, each of which has a set of unique features. For example, Volvo designed the side mirror for 2015-2018 V60 models a certain way to ensure perfect fitment. With that design, Volvo created sub-variations with certain features. Here are a few sub-variations for 2015-2018 V60 models:

  • Volvo mirror assembly #31402635: No power folding or auto dimming
  • Volvo mirror assembly #31402646: With auto dimming; no power folding or blind spot
  • Volvo mirror assembly #31402610: With auto dimming, power folding, and blind spot

Some assemblies are more complex than others. Naturally, most people are going to choose a replacement mirror with the same features as the broken mirror. But if that's not in the budget, you can always step down to a less featured mirror. Look up your Volvo model in our catalog to see all the sub-variations available for your car.

How To Save Money On An OEM Replacement Side Mirror

Replacement mirror

Looking to save money on an OEM replacement side mirror? It’s quite simple: shop online. Volvo dealers like to mark up their prices by about 30%.

The good news is that you’ll get to save money on an OEM replacement side mirror assembly by purchasing it from an online seller. OEM side mirrors are much cheaper online. In fact, we offer wholesale pricing for genuine OEM Volvo parts. It can’t get any better than that.

Ordering your own mirror shouldn’t be a problem if you’re replacing the mirror yourself. If you want to have a shop replace it for you, it’s a good idea to ask the shop if they’d use your OEM mirror instead of the one they have in stock. Most shops may not have a problem using it, but it can’t hurt to check with them first anyway.

How Much Does It Cost For A Volvo Dealer To Replace Your Side Mirror?

Volvo dealers charge about $100 per hour for labor. A side mirror replacement job will take less than an hour, but the shop will charge you for the full hour. So expect to pay about $100 for labor alone.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Side Mirror At Home?

After you own the mirror, it literally costs nothing but your time. If you’re experienced, the job should take less than an hour. If you’re inexperienced, expect to spend about an hour or two on this project.

If you’re following a set of instructions, it might take you a bit longer. If it’s your first time, you might be unsure of some steps, which means you’ll take a little more time. But if you have a good set of instructions to follow, the job is really pretty easy.

Calculating The Side Mirror Replacement Costs

You have to make two decisions before figuring out how much it will cost to replace the side mirror on your Volvo:

  1. Which replacement mirror you want and where to buy it: this way, you’ll have the exact cost of the replacement mirror
  2. Whether you want to replace it yourself or have a dealer do it for you: This will help you figure out the labor costs

Once you have both figures, just add them together. That’s how much it will cost to replace the side mirror on your Volvo.

Do you have any questions about replacing your Volvo’s side mirror? Feel free to contact us!